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Interested in a Costa Rica Student Vacation, you are in the right place!

Costa Rica. You’ve probably heard of it. The tiny Central American country is big in tourism news. You may even know someone who’s been there. When you hear the name, you probably think of beautiful tropical beaches, rainforest, surfing, volcanoes, hot and steamy jungle.

Costa Rica is a well-known country, for its diversity in flora and fauna, ecotourism and sustainability, everything in the same equation. However, there are a number of characteristics that might not be signature features in a global level, but are essential elements of the real Costa Rica, which open a significant amount of options to visitors and locals, that along with the typical definition of the country as ¨natural paradise¨, allow Costa Rica to offer to the student travellers this extra value going beyond its principal potential.

Culture and art, are also essential elements in this country´s identity, and now they can be enjoyed by anyone in anywhere, joining any of our Costa Rica student travel packages and get ready to know the place with locals.

Sunny days and a perfect temperature is the correct match to enjoy the summertime in Costa Rica. Some areas like Arenal Volcano, Manuel Antonio, Tortuguero, the south pacific and San Jose the capital city are full of things to do!

Surfing, canopy, rappelling, white water rafting, bungee jumping and volcanoes are a must-see when you come to Costa Rica, we also offer a great variety of day tours and transportation services.

If we take all these reasons and mix it, with the variety of options offered by this country regarding nature, culture, and fun, the combination results in a beautiful experience for your groups of students looking for something special.

Costa Rica One Day Tours

Tours are one of the best ways to explore Costa Rica; you get to see parts of the country that otherwise go unnoticed.

We have sorted out the best one-day tours for all of the main areas of Costa Rica; we list the best activities for the Central Valley, Arenal area, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio, Central Pacific, Northern Pacific, and Southern Pacific.

Ecotourism adventures and Costa Rica are synonymous, especially since Costa Rica essentially pioneered the flourishing ecotourism trend and was named the most popular eco-friendly destination in the world by Student City members.

We have a lot to see! When most people think about Costa Rica, they imagine beautiful beaches. However, visitors should also discover the mysterious active volcanoes and cloud forest. If you love scenic locations and wish to enjoy spending your time out in the wild, then you must undoubtedly visit Costa Rica and take one of our daily tours.

Check our list of recommended Costa Rica tours, organized according to the country areas. Please note that you will be directed to our tour’s partner website and other cities tours, check the list here!  

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